Don't Skip the Sustainability Luncheon at SGIA Expo

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For those who have been consumed by such information at times Marc Benioff, a millionaire co-founder and CEO of the Salesforce computer software company, has simply disappeared. com. Internet, recently bought Time magazine for Money190 thousand. He bought with his wife, Lynne, who said in an ad: "Time's effectiveness lies in his unique story of individuals as well as in the conditions Dont Miss the that affect people and correct us." For those who are too young to learn, Time magazine, founded in 1923, continues to be one of the brands city's most legendary advertising solutions. It is glowingly protected and symbolizes the most critical news situations of the week. Famous much better, he has known the fate of several other legendary manufacturers. They have regularly lost power. Men and women may know his identity, but Time, as a source of information, is not closely tied to their demands. Regardless of the brand name, the brand name, to achieve your goals, it must be different from the way people love it. Brand recognition without meaning and without difference is ineffective. There is no value in a brand if what people use or discover is not important in their lives. Mentioned another way, for any brand name to reach your goals, you have to fix a problem for them. This example poses an important brand problem for Marc Benioff. In fact, make a multi-faceted difficulty. Reviving a product that has lost its meaning is incredibly difficult. It takes more than small improvements, a number of "new features and improvements". In this case, it is not only the Time brand that has become unimportant, but the complete information category has become universal. How Benioff Can

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