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On the move? Touch or click to be processed by this account in less than a moment! These are becoming polarized, but the Apple AirPods, the heroic mini-headset that said they want to take us to the land of unattached audio wonders, are unquestionably big hits. While the Apple company is ceremoniously getting rid of the headphone jack on the iPhone, other mobile phone manufacturers have adopted the correspondence, writing repetitive obituaries for apple earpods with 3.5mm headphone plug - white this classic 3.5mm audio slot and frankly proclaiming that not being able to listen to headphones is actually a wi-fi connection. But as we are increasingly inundated with frequencies of regular radio and radio waves emitted by your devices every two years, AirPods and other Wi-Fi headsets pose a very significant threat that may be close to the heads. . A small group of professionals think so, and they are now imploring the United Nations U.N. with the Globe Health Business WHO to listen to them. A small group of nearly 250 EMF professionals have given a major interest to the United Nations and the WHO, calling for "defense against electro-magnetic non-ionizing coverage". According to expert research, they have expressed strong concerns about our increasing contact with the light emitted by electric gadgets and wi-fi. And, like any other modern gadget, AirPods and other Wi-Fi headphones, such as the Beats X and the new Check out the Galaxy Bud, also produce electromagnetic field EMF radio frequencies. AirPods, in general, are certainly an important source of problems because they are much more inserted inside your eardrums, which allows to directly visualize the inner atria in the light of the EMF.

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