'Solo' Limps to Bucks148 Million in 10 Days - Below 'Rogue One' Opening up Weekend

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Last week, I went for a cocktail party in Sis, not quite realizing what to expect. However, I recognized that it was a good 'Solo' Limps to cocktail and that Sis made a tavern high enough for what they thought of a good cocktail. At the back of the tavern that evening, Jesse Hernández Vega was composed and courteous despite the long line of people waiting for one of the few mezcal cocktails he had combined: the Paloma Negra, the Viento and El Pepinillo. Each consumption began in a pot of documents placed with the image of the Virgen de Guadalupe that Hernández Vega uses in an original way, Limpia, his project of unique cocktail. After many years as a bartender in Chicago Cumbre Preparing, Zacatecas and Birdwatcher Lay, and a few times similar, he has now designed a fairly concentrated audience. After trying many of his drinks, I can count personally as following. After his evening in Sis, I talked with Hernández Vega about his solo paper medicine cups 2 oz job and how he created Limpia. "I started working five years back at El Moro Mood Bar and at the local, and I quickly realized that the goal was not just to cool off, even though the fun and the general culture was to become an adult in a traditional Asian loved one by using a history in cooking and beer making, each product has always had a passion, and I'm not always trying to transform the world of cocktails, although drinks that I prepare are a glimpse of who I am, as well as who I am. The drinks I make are unique, because I use good Drinking with the quality tones, new fresh ingredients, and make them as eager as I am. what I'm doing.

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